Helping Those in Need for the Holidays: The Ford Hunger Relief Initiative

Ford Hunger Relief Initiative

In order to help the less fortunate, Ford recently involved itself with a hunger relief initiative during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Though they focused on Detroit, they also donated over $1 million to help the hungry all over the US.

At Shults Ford Lincoln of Wexford,  we were moved to hear about the Ford hunger relief initiative, which partnered with The Salvation Army. Ford donated a new delivery truck to the Salvation Army, which will help deliver over 5,000 meals per day in Detroit. The Ford E-350 came with a year of free gas, courtesy of Marathon.

Jim Vella, President of the Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services, said, “By addressing the issue of hunger through other programs such as Ford Mobile Food Pantries, Ford Focus on Child Hunger and Meet Up and Eat Up, we are going further to create stronger communities.”

They were able to donate over $1.3 million in hunger relief support all across the US, according to Ford. More than $40,000 of that was spent in Detroit over Thanksgiving to support the Holiday Meals on Wheels program, giving 6,000 seniors a nice meal for the holiday. It is things like this that show how Ford really cares about giving back.

Ford Lends Its Support to African American History and Culture

Ford Lends Its Support to African American History and CultureAs many families descend on Washington, D.C. this summer for lessons in our nation’s history and unique culture, at least one museum will be under heavy construction, the new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. Ford Motor Company’s $1 million donation is playing a large role in making the construction of that museum possible.

When the 400,000-square-foot building is completed in 2016, it will be the only national museum dedicated to exploring American history, art, culture, and life from the eyes of African Americans.

“Since Henry Ford’s groundbreaking $5 a day wage in 1913, which paid people equally regardless of race, Ford has invested in programs that empower and celebrate the African American community,” said Jim Vella, president of Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services. “Ford is proud to work with the Smithsonian on this museum that will recognize the tremendous contributions of African Americans to our country and our world.”

In addition to funding the museum’s capital campaign, Ford’s donation will also be used to support the launch of key programs once the museum opens.

Until it is completed, you can view some of its exhibitions on display in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. We at Shults Ford Lincoln of Wexford are excited to experience the finished product in the next few years.