Dwayne the Rock Johnson to Serve as Ford’s New Spokesperson

Ford is one of the toughest automotive brands around. Therefore, when the brand selects a spokesperson, you can bet your bottom dollar that the spokesperson is going to be tough as well. Case in point, Ford just got who is arguably the toughest guy in Hollywood to serve as its spokesperson.

Are you ready? Drum roll please… According to a Ford press release, Dwayne the Rock Johnson will act as Ford’s new spokesperson.

Johnson, famous for his role in the Fast and the Furious franchise, is a long standing fan of Ford. He even owns an F-150 truck.

The campaign set to feature Johnson, called “The Specialists at Ford”, features some of the latest Ford technology and engineering, giving drivers a closer look at what powers their favorite Fords.

The campaign has already started airing, and it is set to last for multiple years. Be on the lookout to see if you can smell what Ford and the Rock are cooking!

Dwayne the Rock Johnson

4 Carnegie Museums to Visit in Pittsburgh

Andrew Carnegie was one of the most powerful men in the country, and certainly the most influential in the city of Pittsburgh. Among his achievements was establishing a series of museums to broaden educational horizons. Those museums are still educating people to this day. Here are the four big Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

History comes alive at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Among its exhibits is one of the most extensive collections of dinosaur specimens anywhere in the country!

Carnegie Science Center

Young explorers will have a chance to get in touch with their scientific side at the Carnegie Science Center. Multiple displays are available for children to interact with.

Carnegie Museum of Art

Art from all over the world fills the beautiful galleries of the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Andy Warhol Museum

For a more specific set of exhibits, be sure to check out the Andy Warhol Museum, a museum dedicated to one of the most famous artists who ever lived!

Which museum is your favorite to visit here in Pittsburgh?

Carnegie Museums