Meet the Manager of Shults, Adam Abraham!

We would like to introduce you to Adam Abraham, the manager of our newest store, Shults!

Adam was born and raised in the state of Washington and moved to Maryland at the age of 16.  He has been in the car business since the age of 19 and is going on 12 years serving each community he has worked in with a pleasant and helpful car buying experience.

He got his start in the automotive business in Maryland as a salesperson at a used car superstore and after 3 years was promoted to a used car manager.  He worked as a used car manager for a year before moving to where he feels he really belongs, Pittsburgh!  He has family ties in Pittsburgh, plus he is a huge Steelers, Penguin, and Pirate fan, so the fit was perfect!

He has dabbled in every aspect of the car buying business, including selling, management, and finance.  He experiences a sincere joy when he is able to help people find a vehicle they love.  Adam strives to make the car buying experience fun and exciting and always follows through, making sure the customer remains satisfied long after the initial purchase.

He has a passion for the automotive business and takes it very seriously.  In his role at Shults, Adam is in charge of buying cars for inventory, working with the customers personally, as well as doing the finance paperwork.  From the beginning of your search through signing the papers, Adam will be there to make sure you have a great experience that will make you want to return!

Adam is coming up on his 2nd anniversary with his wife, who is a nurse at Shadyside Hospital, and he also lives with his two pugs, Hendrix and Layla.

Please help us in giving Adam Abraham and his wife a big Shults welcome!  We are so excited to have him as part of the Shults family and we know he will do an amazing job!

Adam Abraham

Richard Bazzy Steps In and Fixes A Unique Situation

How long would you be willing to wait for your car to get fixed?  We are talking maybe a new part or some routine maintenance.  A couple of days tops?  Well, Al Miller, an individual who took his vehicle into a Pittsburgh dealership in December, waited a full 7 months for his catalytic converter to be fixed on his 7 year old car and was given every excuse in the book as to why it was taking so long.  In the end, he was informed that they couldn’t fix it because it was too old.

Miller took his story to KDKA’s Marty Griffin, who made a single phone call that put him in touch with Shults Ford Lincoln in Wexford.  Shults Ford, led by owner Richard Bazzy, previously had nothing to do with Miller’s car until Griffin contacted Bazzy.  Bazzy immediately wanted to help fix the problem.

“I want to get involved Marty, because I don’t want that to represent the brand, how customers are treated at Ford,” Bazzy stated.

He made only a few phone calls, located the part that was needed, and sent one of his employees to the state of Ohio to pick it up.  Ford stepped right in and did what they could to rectify the situation.

In the end, Miller’s car was fixed and he couldn’t be more grateful.  Thanks to getting Marty Griffin and Richard Bazzy involved, Miller was reunited with his car within a week of the initial contact!  If you are looking for a dealership that cares about your needs and are willing to do anything to help, then any of the three Shults locations would be the perfect choice for you!

To see the full news story and the video, click here!

Richard Bazzy

How Technology Has Improved Our Driving For Us

There is no denying that many things have improved on each and every vehicle on the market over the years.  From the style, to the comfort, to the durability, the automotive industry is always evolving.  But there is one area of the automotive industry that has evolved more than any other part and that’s technology.  From the invention of the seat belt, all the way up to active braking and blind spot detection, technology has improved our driving for us.

At Shults Ford Lincoln of Wexford, we want to share with you some of these great advances in technology.

Alert Driving Warnings:  There are many automakers working on a system that will alert a driver if the car senses the driver is non-responsive to traffic.  The car will do something like vibrate the seat to bring the driver’s attention back to the traffic conditions.

Active Braking:  Some vehicles now have mounted cameras on them and will detect if something is in the way.  The vehicle will apply the brakes to avoid an accident.  In addition to the active braking feature, the vehicle will notify the driver before taking automatic action, making the driver aware of the obstacle in the way.

Blind Spot Detection:  Vehicles now are starting to have small lights on the driver and passenger side mirrors that light up when the vehicle detects a possible collision from something in the blind spot.

These are just a few of the great advanced safety technologies that the automotive industry is adding to vehicles.  Visit us at Shults Ford if you would like to learn more!

technology has improved our driving

Ford Mustang Convertible to Benefit Charity

We all know by now that it’s been a huge year for Ford.  Between the brand-new aluminum-bodied Ford F-150 starting production and the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, Ford has a lot to celebrate and look forward to.  At the New York Auto Show this year, Ford debuted the 50th anniversary special-edition Ford Mustang, leaving the world speechless.

Ford has done it again, this time with an announcement that is set to benefit many.  Ford will be building one 50th anniversary special-edition Ford Mustang convertible that they will raffle off on Mustang Alley in Ferndale, Michigan on August 16th of this year.

At Shults Ford Lincoln of Wexford, we are excited to announce that not only will one lucky winner get to own a special-edition Ford Mustang convertible, but all of the proceeds are going to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society!  Don’t delay in purchasing your raffle tickets!  There are only a limited number being sold for $20 apiece so make sure you purchase your tickets today!

Ford Mustang convertible

Ford F-Series Sees Best April Sales Since 2006

The Ford F-Series has done it again!  As we all know, the Ford F-Series has been the number one truck in America for the past 37 years and it doesn’t look like that will be changing anytime soon!  The F-Series saw its best April sales in the United States since 2006.  To top off the success of the F-Series, the Ford Explorer had a banner month as well, with April sales being the best they have seen since 2005!

“F-Series and Explorer showed considerable strength in April, posting their best results in almost a decade.  We also saw another breakout month for Fusion, with continued strength in the western region.  Overall, industry sales continued the rebound from January and February and are on a path of steady growth” boasted John Felice, Ford’s vice president of U.S. marketing, sales and service.

Ford EcoBoost continues to play a huge role in the increase in sales, with it being 42% of the truck’s overall retail engine’s sold.  A total of 63,387 Ford F-Series were sold in April and we hope to see those numbers continue to rise for the month of May.

Come visit us at Shults Ford Lincoln of Wexford and check out our great inventory of the Ford F-Series and Ford Explorer!

April sales