Marking Milestones: The Ford Police Interceptor Model

Becoming the most popular model for police in the US in 2014, the Ford Police Interceptor model recently reached a production milestone. In fact, more than 100,000 of the Interceptors have been made by the Troy Design and Manufacturing Company in Michigan since the vehicle’s inception in 2012.

According to Ford, the TDM Company makes about 600 to 1200 of the vehicles per week, with more than 125 packages for police departments to choose from. As of 2014, the Interceptor took over the market with more than 50% of police vehicle purchases being the Ford model. The model is incredibly popular for its rigid durability and high-performance capabilities.

“This is a big accomplishment not just for TDM but for everybody,” said Marcelo Esperza a worker at TDM. “We’ve been working so hard trying to get all these units complete. To get to 100,000, we’re very proud. It helps a lot to have the top-selling police vehicle. I’m just glad I’m part of it.”

The Ford Police Interceptor model is easily customizable and incredibly reliable, making it the ideal car for our men and women in blue. Whether they’re chasing down criminals or responding to an emergency, they can count on the Interceptor.

Ford Police Interceptor model

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